Realms L3 - Powered by $lords

The high-performance zkVm L3 for the Realms World of onchain gaming powered by $Lords.

Realms L3 exists to enable the ambitious Realms Autonomous World. It is a collaboration between Bibliotheca DAO and Cartridge, designed and built around the dojo stack. This stack has been optimized for high-performance onchain gaming, allowing Realms L3 to support the demanding requirements of the autonomous world.

What is the Realms World L3?

Realms.World L3 stands as a high-performance zkVM network, specifically engineered to support high-performance onchain gaming. The network operates as a Starknet sequencer, ensuring that any Starknet contract can seamlessly run on the network. Sitting atop the public Starknet L2, it rolls-up its state onto Starknet. This allows for low transactions fees, high performance and high security guarantees. The entire stack is opensource and welcomes contributions. Find out more here