Paved: Lord of the Board

2024-03-28 to 2024-04-04

In Realms World's Paved game, players compete for high scores by laying tiles to form an expanding medieval landscape.

Built on Starknet and powered by Dojo - pave your way to victory in an onchain strategy game like no other.

There is a 2,500 $Lords tournament

The player with the best score will be the tournament's Lord of the Board. There are nine prizes to be won by players.

  • ⚒️ First place: 1000 $Lords - aka Lord of the Board
  • ⚒️ Second place: 500 $Lords
  • ⚒️ Third place: 300 $Lords
  • ⚒️ Fastest game in the top 10: 200 $Lords
  • ⚒️ 5 randomly selected players: 100 $Lords


In the single player mode, the player has 72 tiles to lay and score as many points as possible in the process.

As tiles are laid, Cities, Roads, Wonders & Forests are formed and developed. Placing your Characters on these tiles gives you the opportunity to accumulate points - scored when structures are completed.

Link to play:

Game guide - for detail and tips:

Will you be Lord of the Board? Pave now.

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