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Discover Force Prime Heroes in the Realms.World

Slay your way to the top of Force Prime, Adventurer

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Discover Force Prime Heroes in the Realms.World

With a new gameplay season starting, we proudly welcome Force Prime Heroes to Realms.World

Inspired by the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic series, players are cast onto a monster-filled map with one ultimate goal: to figure out how to raid and kill the Bone Dragon. Grand Season Two is just starting and players will find two major updates. Your hero is now upgradable: use four stats to customise your character build. This season also introduces the first single player campaign.

Feel the Force, 24/7

Force Prime Heroes is in open beta and is seeking Adventurers to compete. As you play you accrue points and play for prizes ($2000 STRK this Season). There are weekly tournaments and blitz tournaments - follow Force Prime on X for ongoing updates. Launch the fully onchain game from their website or Realms.World.

Force Prime Heroes is played alone (at the moment...) with competition for the top spots on the global leaderboard. Players strategically traverse the game map, forge formidable armies, vanquish hordes of monsters, and uncover the most effective path to confront the final boss.

With multiple maps, a single player campaign mode and a player-base growing in size, Force Prime Heroes will bring out your competitive slayer side. The developers at Force Prime Studios have an ambitious roadmap and will continue to role out new features, season by season.

Legendary beginnings

Force Prime Heroes is the debut title from Force Prime, a web3 studio helmed by veterans of web2 gaming. Recognising onchain gaming as an open space for creating new kinds of player experience, the team has fully embraced the concept, leveraging the Cairo VM and Dojo stack.

Realms.World is the hub of the Realms onchain gaming ecosystem. Here you will find several games in development, many with their sights set on mainnet on L2 and/or L3 in the coming months. Games in the Realms ecosystem will lean into composability of assets from across game worlds - like surly Squire Blobert, and captured Loot Survivor beasts.

Game worlds are the fabric of the Realms

Force Prime Heroes is a vibrant game world complete with its own lore, characters, physics, and rules. There are several studios terraforming game worlds linked with the Realms onchain reality - including Banners, Eternum, Grugs Lair, Loot Survivor, Mississippi, Paved, Underware and zKorp (see them all here).

Force Prime Heroes, like the other worlds, maintains its own distinct style and setting, but is open to expansion and modification by players and developers. As the Realms ecosystem unfolds, players will hop between game worlds enjoying both the studio's original vision and the mash-ups and modifications that gamers and developers create.

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